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DigitalPortraitHalf BodyIllustration
Size4" x 6"8.5" x 11"13" x 19"
Digital Sketch (800x1200px)$30$40$50
Monochrome Painting$50$75$120 - $250+
Digital Painting$60$150 - $200+$250 - $400+
Traditional MediaSketchPaint
3" x 5"$40$80
5" x 7"$60$120
8" x 10"$75$150 - $200+
9" x 12"$100 - $200+$200 - $300+
Large Canvas...$300 - $500+
Special OrdersPriceDescription
Loaf Badge$40Your fursona drawn as a cat loaf, broody chicken, or furry blob. 3"x5" traditional cut to shape, or 500x800 digital.
Telegram Sticker$10 EachDrawn at 500x500 in a simplified style with exaggerated expressions, then resized to fit a Telegram compatible sticker pack.
Cutie$60Drawn in a cute simplified style. Artist may design the clothing. 3"x5" traditional or 500x800px digital.
Model Sheet$200-300+Reference sheet and character design service. Includes mirrored front and back views, face details, color swatches, and decorative elements. Further views and details available with upgrade.
Pride Icon$25A special 500x500 pride flag themed portrait designed to be used as a profile picture, only available for June. Style is unique every year.


Texas Furry Fiesta [March 15 -17]
Wild Nights [ April 26 - 28]
Anthro Weekend Utah [July 19-21]

No conventions have been confirmed for 2025 as of yet

About the Artist

I am a self-taught hobby artist based in the US.I have been doing commissioned art work since 2008 and I cater mainly to the furry fandom. (I do have the ability to draw humans, but so far nobody has offered to pay for it.) I worked for a pet-sim game between 2009 and 2011 and began vending at furry conventions in 2012. My style is primarily realistic figures with rough brush strokes and organic shapes. I most like to draw trees and natural environments, and I take a lot of my own reference photos when I go hiking.However, I am still internet trash and I LOVE sparkledogs, pastel rainbows, shallow pop music, and all brightly colored cute things.I do own a fursuit that I made myself and I have made a few others, but I typically don't take fursuit commissions for anything beyond tails using supplies I already have on hand. I don't have the inventory space for the fur and other equipment that I would need to do a more diverse range of suits.Since my primary job is taxes, I usually only do art in summer and winter spurts and I fall off the face of the internet close to US tax deadlines. I also run a tax and accounting panel at some conventions and I am happy to field general questions.When I am not working or drawing, I play with my dog, ride my pony, decorate elaborate cakes, sew things, and play video games badly. Hit me up if you want an Animal Crossing buddy, or if you like browser games like Flight Rising and Lioden.

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